Sarkozy warns against preventive strike on Iran
(RIA Novosti)
31-Aug-2011 (one comment)

French President Nicolas Sarkozy said on Wednesday that a preventive strike on Iran could lead to a crisis in the region and called on world powers to toughen their sanctions on Tehran instead.

"Iran's military, nuclear and ballistic [missile] ambitions pose a growing threat that could lead to a preventive strike on Iranian facilities and provoke a serious crisis, which France wants to avoid by all means," Sarkozy told French diplomats at an annual ambassador conference.

The West suspects Iran of pursuing a secret nuclear weapons program, but the Islamic republic, which is already under four sets of international sanctions over its nuclear activities, insists it needs nuclear power solely for civilian purposes.

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The supertitle does not

by Simorgh5555 on

The supertitle does not correepond with what is actually said by Sarkosy. He's warning against strikes on the IR, surely? There I was thinking that Sarkosy had come to his senses and was willing to do onto Khamenei as he did on Gaddafi.Too good to be true.