Libya: Inside Tripoli's warehouse of horror

More than 50 bodies have been found at a warehouse in Tripoli, behind the headquarters of a feared army unit, the Khamis Brigade, led by one of Colonel Gaddafi's sons. Survivors say they were civilians, massacred by Gaddafi's forces earlier this week.

It is the smell that forewarns you of the horrors to come.

The nauseating stench of death reached out from the warehouse, curling around us, like a physical presence.

Inside the warehouse, under a still smouldering roof - we saw the charred remains of more than 50 bodies. Some were little more than skeletons. They were killed on Tuesday, in the dying days of the regime.

There were more bodies on the ground outside. A rope was still attached to one man's feet. We can't be sure how many more were killed in the compound. Local people had removed some bodies for burial on Saturday.

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