Iranian nuclear scientist shot dead on Tehran street
LA times
23-Jul-2011 (15 comments)

Gunmen on a motorcycle shot physicist Dariush Rezai outside his home near a military base, an Iranian news agency reports. He's the latest victim in a series of attacks on nuclear scientists in Iran, which is suspected of trying to build a nuclear weapons program.

Reporting from Beirut— An Iranian nuclear scientist tied to the country's controversial atomic research program was shot dead Saturday on a street in Tehran, Iranian news outlets reported.

It was the latest in a series of attacks targeting the country's nuclear scientists

The victim, Dariush Rezai, 45, was described by the semi-official Iranian Students News Agency as a professional associated with the country's Atomic Energy Organization, which oversees the country's complex of nuclear installations, including uranium enrichment facilities that produce fuel for energy reactors.

U.S. and Israeli officials, as well as many Western diplomats and nonproliferation experts, believe Iran is using the cover of a domestic energy program to assemble the building blocks for an eventual weapons program.

Rezai, who reportedly held a doctorate in physics, was reportedly shot by gunmen on a motorcycle outside his home in the southeast of the capital, Tehran, according to the semi-official Mehr News Agency. >>>

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Zionism kills! Norway mass murderer was a hard core Zionist!

by Disenchanted on


      Not just in Tehran:


      Norway psychopath: 

      "So let us fight together with Israel, with our Zionist brothers"


Confusion about the victim's ID may be deliberate

by maghshoosh on

M. Sahimi at Tehran Bureau lists the various accounts of the identity of the assassination victim in the Iranian media:


He concludes by saying: "The apparent confusion about who the assassinated person was and what he
was doing may be intentional. The hardliners and the Ministry of
Intelligence have been accused of preoccupying themselves with the
detention and repression of the opposition, while foreign agents
penetrate the country and assassinate Iran's leading scientists. There
may thus be motivation to deliberately confuse or conceal the actual
nature of the work in which the latest assassination victim was

In that vein, see the RT interview w/ a pro-gov't commentator from Iran who at 2:55 min into the video blames the SL's poor judgement in reinstating the Intelligence Minister Moslehi as contributing to the latest assassination:



Cousin Farmarz: thanks for providing more details about this

by Bavafa on

Regardless of who has committed this act and under who's order, or what the victim did for a living, it must be condemned if we are going with our principle of fairness and justice for all. But I agree with you that it seems more like an inside job then one to be carried out by States such as Israel or US.

Roozbeh jan: I applaud your concern for the prospect of our mother land getting bombed, but lets not be quick to hold only Iran or IRI responsible should that awful thing ever happens. Bombing and destroying other nations can NOT and should NOT be done based on belligerent/hawkish talk from the neighbor. Otherwise, nearly the whole world would be justified if they bombed US.

You and I well know IRI is of no danger or threat to Israel with or without the bomb. That propaganda is for the average Joe the plumber in middle of US who think Iranians still ride their camels to work.

'Vahdat' is the main key to victory 




by yolanda on

IRI has not told us who killed other nuclear scientists.... One with the name Masoud Ali Mohammadi......It is almost like a movie scene that CIA agents or Mossad agents were able to kill Iranians in the broad daylight without being caught! Is Iran so penetrable?

 If it is so easy to carry out assassinations, how come US and Israel don't assassinate Khamenei or AN, the big fish?

Soosan Khanoom


by Soosan Khanoom on

Do not get me wrong i laughed at Yaboo not the actual event ..... there is nothing funny about it ..... 

Ahamdinejad has served BiBi Yaboo's intentions since day one that he stepped into the office ...  and i am not even talking about the Valieh Vagheh, he is serving the Devil himself .....

Now no matter how upset I am  with situation inside my country I shall never ever support any foreign attempts of killing iranians directly or indirectly  ....  yes IRI is devil but it is our devil and Yaboo has no rights to even slightly insult Iran and Iranians ...... Who gives them the right to dictate to Iran what should we or should not be doing?  


The human side of this tragedy...

by Roozbeh_Gilani on


Soosan khanoon: Assuming you are right, that would still make this young man and his family yet another victim of this fascistic islamist regime. You dont go around supporting every terrorist entity against another country, boast about it and expect no retaliation.

As far as the nuclear energy itself is concerned, even someone as stupid as me, never mind someone as bright as you,  should be able to see that the whole "nuclear thing", just like the "Cyrus cylinder thing", the "Zionist thing" , etc is being used as a desparate attempt of rallying the seriously pissed off masses behind this highly unpopular and corrupt islamist regime. Otherwise , we would have had nuclear energy with all the bells and whistles many years ago, with fraction of the cost, without risking military attack on our country by not only  Israel, but also US of A....  

So next time please consider all above , before saying things like:

"BiBi Yaboo is really scared of Iran ......  LOL"

Sorry Mrs, I see nothing, absolutely nothing funny about the prospect of my country and people being bombed in order to satisfy the crazy wishes of Khamenei, the so called "God's spokesman on earth",   


"Personal business must yield to collective interest."

Soosan Khanoom

Inside or outside job

by Soosan Khanoom on

This just serves one purpose .. destroying Iran and killing innocent people .. 

CIA = Mousad = IRI ...... they all at the end are serving one purpose and that is making BiBi Yaboo happy 

with MEK delisting  and their release from Camp Ashraf there is no shortage of foot soldiers doing these types of jobs in the future and then for the rest of us to play clue and see who had done it and of course we always have IRI thugs to bug and kill people for any other reasons ... 

This shall pass too .... after all there is a God ( hopefully )  ...  



More from Fars News

by Faramarz on



Now why in the world M16, CIA or Mossad want to use their precious assets in Iran and assassinate a graduate student in broad daylight is beyond me. Maybe his contact with Hanover, Germany was the problem

The ease at which the assassins conducted their operation indicates that the most likely the Regime is behind this one too. Ever since the Stuxnet worm episode, the Regime has been quite paranoid



یکی از همسايه ها به خبرنگار ما گفت:تروریست ها دو موتور سوار بودند که كلاه كاسكت داشتند و صورتشان دیده نمی شد.

یک خانم میانسال نیز درباره ماجرا گفت: بلافاصله بعد از شنیدن صدای چند شلیک ، به کوچه آمدم و پیکر غرقه به خون او را دیدم که در آغوش همسرش بود و همسرش نیز که در این حادثه آسیب دیده بود ، جیغ می کشید و فریاد می زد: تو را خدا کمک کنید!
صحنه رقت انگیز دیگر نیز گریه های دختر خردسال این دانشمند هسته ای بود که شوکه شده بود و مدام گریه می کرد که فوراً او را بغل کردم و به خانه بردم و به او آب دادم و بلافاصله با اورژانس تماس گرفتم.

پوكه هاي باقي مانده در محل نشان مي دهد كه در اين ترور حداقل 5 گلوله شليك شده كه يك گلوله به گردن اين دانشمند و گلوله ديگر به دست وي اصابت كرده است. همچنين يك گلوله نیز به در خانه همسایه روبرویی اصابت كرده است.

ضاربان بعد از ترور از محل متواري شدند.

بنا به گفته همسایه ها بعد از تماس های مکرر آنان با اورژانس حدود نيم ساعت طول كشيد تا آمبولانس به محل حادثه برسد.

جالب این که هیچ کدام از همسایه هایی که با خبرنگار ما گفت و گو کردند ، نمی دانستند او یکی از دانشمندان کشور است و فقط متفق القول بودند که همسایه ای خوب و مؤدب را از دست داده اند.
البته یکی از همسایه ها گفت که در خودروی وی ، دفترچه بیمه نیروهای مسلح وجود داشته است.




Farmarz: I think you are

by vildemose on

Farmarz: I think you are right...Ahmadinejad faction is roomered to have wanted to go public with the alleged nuclear weapon program but the hardliners are against it...What is the motivation behind AN's disclosing state secret nuclear plan to the world?


A Graduate Student not a Nuclear Scientist

by Faramarz on

It turns out that the 35-year old man who was assassinated was a graduate student and not the scientist, Dr. Razaii who was in Ardabil at the time. This looks like another inside job by the Regime


با این حال خبرگزاری فارس که با تأخیری چند ساعته خبر را بر روی خروجی خود قرار داد ، چنین نوشت: « فرد ترور شده جزء دانشمندان هسته‌اي نبوده و دانشجوي فوق‌ليسانس برق (گرايش قدرت) دانشگاه خواجه نصير بوده است.رضايي‌نژاد سال 87 به همراه 20 نفر ديگر در دوره كارشناسي ارشد مهندسي برق (گرايش قدرت) دانشگاه خواجه نصير با دانشگاه هانور آلمان پذيرفته شده بود. او از همکاران وزارت دفاع بود. » 



by Rastin on

Thanks, that's where I was heading. 


Parsis Victor

Soosan Khanoom

Do you know Rozbeh

by Soosan Khanoom on

 There is only one type of terrorist in the world and that is Islamic ... the rest are not terrorist ...They are THE CHOSEN ONES ...  


No, we shall not forget..

by Roozbeh_Gilani on


"Personal business must yield to collective interest."

Soosan Khanoom

Don't forget

by Soosan Khanoom on

The speech given by the head of MI6, Sir John Sawers,  while ago in which he said "intelligence-led operations" had to be used to disrupt Iran's nuclear program.

 check this out

Five Russian scientists who died in a plane crash on Tuesday had been helping Iran with nuclear secrets, it has been revealed.

They were among 45 killed when the plane's lights failed in heavy fog and careered into a motorway before bursting into flames - leading conspiracy theorists to believe it was a deliberate plot to kill the nuclear experts. 

Russian security sources confirmed that the dead scientists worked at the controversial Bushehr nuclear plant on the Iranian Persian Gulf. 

Read more: // 


BiBi Yaboo is really scared of Iran ......  LOL  


I agree

by Rastin on

It is an act of terrorism -- now one question remains: Who is responsible? 


Parsis Victor