The return of the king in Libya’s "radical" uprising?
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11-Jun-2011 (one comment)


BENGHAZI: In many ways, Libya’s is an odd revolution. It is as much about bringing back an old Libya as making a new one.

The insurgents have reclaimed the old red, black and green flag with its star and crescent that served the kingdom from independence in 1951 to Muammar Qaddafi’s coup in 1969. They have reclaimed its anthem with its words about sacrifice, liberation and never going back to live in chains — words written in fact to commemorate the fight against the Italians but resonating so perfectly with the present struggle against Qaddafi.


Darius Kadivar

More and More Libyans Demand Royal Restoration

by Darius Kadivar on

The word “radical” is usually used these days to denote ideas that are drastically different from the accepted norm and the people that hold them. But the word in fact means “a return to the roots”, from the Latin radix, a root. Libya’s is a radical revolution in every sense of the term — a return to its roots and a fundamental change from the Qaddafi years.

Given the joint backward and forward-looking drive to the revolution, it is hardly surprising that the Senussis are back on the agenda. They are part of Libya’s past, a past Libyans are determined to reconnect with. Whether they are part of its future remains to be seen.