Gaddafi Will Be Killed If He Doesn't Leave / Elisabeth Braw
08-Jun-2011 (one comment)

Mohammed El Senussi is the opposite of Muammar Gaddafi. He's soft-spoken, nuanced, and dresses in business suits. He jogs daily to stay fit. El Senussi is also Gaddafi's main rival. Gaddafi deposed El Senussi's great-uncle, King Idris, in the 1969 coup that brought him to power. As the heir to the throne - King Idris died in 1983 -- Crown Prince Mohammed may very well take over Libya when Gadaffi falls.

Darius Kadivar

Crown Prince Mohammed of Libya

by Darius Kadivar on

Is Muammar Gaddafi your enemy?
Crown Prince: "Not at all. I have nothing personal against Gaddafi. Everyone in Libya is against him not as a person but because of what he did. What he did against my family is wrong, but that doesn't mean I'll hate him as a person. He's a Libyan and he has a right to live. I'm not asking for revenge, and I'm asking my people not to revenge because that's something very bad.
 Gaddafi and his family have to leave. His time has run out. Otherwise he'll be in danger. If he doesn't leave he'll put himself in a very dangerous situation. People will catch him. He has declared war against six million people. He says that some people support him, but the reality is that nobody does. He can't win six million people over by himself, with his militia."