Analysis: Fractured war effort against Gaddafi
06-Jun-2011 (5 comments)

I didn't know the name of the man barely out of his teens who was dying in the room next door.

Neither did Dr Suleiman Refadi who emerged from the operating theatre covered in his blood to pronounce him dead.

I don't know what he did before this war began. He may have been a skilled engineer, an inspired artist or a humble shopkeeper.

What I do know is that, as a soldier, he was a fool.

So foolish that he tried to clean his gun by banging it on the ground with the safety catch off, firing a bullet into his chest and creating an exit wound in his neck from which he bled to death.

And he was not alone. Ajdabiya was full of people like him - and increasingly so was its hospital - during the worst days of the fighting in eastern Libya.

Most had been injured by Gaddafi's troops. Others by their own side.

Darius Kadivar

First law of warfare? Don't shoot yourself

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The rebels are full of enthusiasm but short on training and skill

Most had been injured by Gaddafi's troops. Others by their own side.


Darius Kadivar

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Nagoftam Obama ? ... Paul Danahar Writes

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Worse to come?


Nato leaders want Col Gaddafi to go, but have no mandate to remove him

It might not have been so painful if the Obama administration had not completely wrong-footed the British and the French governments by making a quick exit and taking their best toys with them.

It has left the British once again pondering what they consider to be the "conundrum" of US foreign policy towards the Middle East.

The National Transitional Council in Benghazi does not yet have the mechanisms or capacity to control the war effort. The French and the British aren't in control of the general war effort against Colonel Gaddafi. Nato says it's not in control of the war effort. The Americans don't want to be.

So who is running it?

One thing for sure is that for the time being, it's not the young macho men with the AK-47s and for that everyone should be grateful.

But when Col Gaddafi is eventually ousted, as he surely will be, the reality of a post-war Libya will shine though.

A nation deeply divided on tribal, geographical lines and now political lines full of young men armed to the teeth no longer united by a common enemy and who often won't listen to anyone.