Iran helicopters: Spain holds eight over 'illegal sale'
26-May-2011 (one comment)

Spanish police say they have prevented the illegal sale of nine military transport helicopters to Iran and have detained eight people.

The operation, which took place in Madrid and Barcelona, led to the arrests of five Spanish businessmen and three Iranian nationals, reports say.

As well as the Bell-212 helicopters, police also found spare parts for export to Venezuela, police said.

Iran is banned from buying attack helicopters under UN sanctions.

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اگر ایران پپشرفت فزاینده در امور هوا/ فضا کرده که سالهاست هلکوپتر، موشک بالیسیتک، جت جنگنده، رزمنده دریای، و و و میسازد، چرا هنوز به هلیکوپتر بل و F4 فانتوم نیازمند هست؟؟؟ که هردو از تکنولوژی دهه ۶۰ برخوردارند، پس مگر نه آنکه ایران دروغ میگوید و هنوز آفتابه اسلامی هم نمیتواند تولید کند.