US lawmakers forced to support Israel
Press TV
23-May-2011 (one comment)

“Every candidate for Congress at that
time had a pledge. They were given a pledge to sign ... that had
Jerusalem as the capital city,” McKinney said in an interview with Press
TV on Sunday.

“You make a commitment that you would vote to support the military
superiority of Israel that the economic assistant that Israel wants that
you would vote to provide that,” she added.

McKinney said that if a candidate does not sign the pledge or
perform accordingly, “then you do not get money to run your campaign.”

The former Congresswoman said that after she made the pledge issue
public “the tactic changed.”

“But this is what is done for 535 members of the United States
Congress, 100 senators and 435 members of the House of Representatives
have to now write a paragraph which basically says the same thing.”...

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Mckinnay is

by on

a very courageous woman. She has a long history of exposing colonization of American government by the Zionists.

Her interview with PressTV will go quite far this time!

Let's support hervy publisizing her activities.