Obama AIPAC speech
The Examiner / Philip Klein
22-May-2011 (one comment)

our commitment to our shared security in our determination to prevent Iran from acquiring nuclear weapons. Here in the U.S., we’ve imposed the toughest sanctions ever on the Iranian regime. At the United Nations, we’ve secured the most comprehensive international sanctions on the regime, which have been joined by allies and partners around the world. Today, Iran is virtually cut off from large parts of the international financial system, and we are going to keep up the pressure. So let me be absolutely clear – we remain committed to preventing Iran from acquiring nuclear weapons.

Its illicit nuclear program is just one challenge that Iran poses. As I said on Thursday, the Iranian government has shown its hypocrisy by claiming to support the rights of protesters while treating its own people with brutality. Moreover, Iran continues to support terrorism across the region, including providing weapons and funds to terrorist organizations.

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Obama policy in ME is a step in the right direction

by Bavafa on

Supporting democracies in all nations in ME is a correct policy. So is telling an old friend when they are wrong, in this case to tell Israel that a JUST peace with Palestinian is in their own interest and 1967 border MUST be the base for any negotiation.

With time, hopefully US will be sane and wise enough to push for a nuclear free ME, not only Iran MUST be free of nuclear weapon, but so MUST be Israel.

Much as one can not support democracy in Syria and Iran but turn a blind eye to Bahrain and Saudi Arabia, one can not turn the heat on Iran for its nuclear power but turn a blind eye to Israel nuclear weapon program.