Lars von Trier Admits to Being a Nazi, Understanding Hitler (Cannes 2011)
Hollywood Reporter
18-May-2011 (one comment)

Kirsten Dunst and Charlotte Gainsbourg look on in disbelief as the "Melancholia" director shocks at Cannes press conference, saying his next movie could be "The Final Solution."

CANNES – Danish director Lars von Trier pulled a Mel Gibson in Cannes Wednesday, giving a shocking and hilarious press conference for his new film Melancholia in which he admitted to being a Nazi, to understanding Hitler and speculated that his next movie could beThe Final SolutionWatch here.

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Not relevantx to an Iranian

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Not relevantx to an Iranian website. Iranians are being executed at a rate of 8 persons per hour our and Darius has only two things on his mind: military action on Libya and more refernces to irrelevant pop culture.