Brothers Fathi Hanged in Isfahan
Int.'l Campaign for Human Rights in Iran
17-May-2011 (4 comments)

Two brothers, Mohammad Fathi, 28, and Abdollah Fathi, 27, were hanged Tuesday morning inside Isfahan’s Dastjerd Prison. On Monday, the family of the two executed prisoners told the Campaign that the case lacked due process and that the authorities had not paid attention to the irregularities of the case in reaching a verdict and issuing the sentence. The Iranian police claim that the two men were involved in an armed robbery incident in the northern province of Mazandaran. Their father, however, told the Campaign that their confessions to this crime had been extracted under torture. The Iranian officials have not commented on such allegations.

The execution was carried out at a time when the lawyer and the family had raised a number of questions about the irregularities and unlawful acts during the process that had led to issuing the death sentence.

Earlier today, the two brothers’ father, Bijan Fathi, confirmed an announcement by the Iranian authorities about the imminent execution of the two young men and spoke with the International Campaign for Human Rights in Iran about their impending execution. “My sons are scheduled to be executed in Isfahan’s Dastjerd Prison on the charge of moharebeh (enmity with God) tomorrow morning. But neither the two of them, nor their attorney, and not the family have been served with the notice of this. Someone called their mother from the prison this morning and said that the sentence will be carried out tomorrow m... >>>

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A brutalised, increasingly uncaring society...

by Roozbeh_Gilani on

Is  what we observe in Iran today after 32 years of islamist regime rule. Where reports of people's daily  executions is greeted with almost apathy, where Iranians living in western democracies tend to read and comment about the news of some obscure LA singer's concert rather than two young brothers executed islamist regime style under such dubious circumstances, or arrest and disappearance of up to a hundred Iranian students after anti government demos only a few days ago, or brutal attack, arrest and jailing of poor working class women demonstrating about lack of food and clean water in  sanandaj  this week.

But this brutalisation of society  is a double edged sword. When the day comes -which it will without a shred of doubt  - that the islamist regime leadership and supporters face people's revolutionary wrath and revenge, there will be little sympathy and desire for justice. Just revenge. It'll be 1979 executions, 100 times more severe.  

"Personal business must yield to collective interest."

Soosan Khanoom

This is so outrages .....

by Soosan Khanoom on

This is so outrages .....  

I can not even imagine what their mother is going through ...... where in the world people get sentenced to death for robbery/

what about  mullahs and their gangs who are robbing the entire nation on the daily basis?



my condolences

by rtayebi1 on

to their family specially their mom. I hope she sees her justice soon. How can They kill so easy?


Another False Execution for Organ Sales

by ayatoilet1 on

When I read stories like this, I can help but think the Fathi family must have a rare blood type, and these brothers must have pristine youthfull bodies that will probably result in high value organs that the Pasdars can sell on the organ black market! \

This is exactly what is going on inside the regime in Iran. False confesions extracted under torture, then speedy prosecutions, and quick (secretive) executions with medical staff ready to take out their organs to ship overseas for premium prices.

This is what the regime is doing. Its now the world's largest exporter and trader of black market human organs (extracted from literally thousands of false executions conducted in Iran recently).