VIDEO: Boat crammed with refugees from Libya reaches tiny Italian island
cnn / van Watson, Joe Duran and Livia Borghese
13-May-2011 (one comment)

Lampedusa, Italy (CNN) -- Shortly after dawn, an open blue wooden fishing boat from Libya limped its way into the port of this tiny island, crammed with at least 166 shivering passengers, all of them apparently migrants from Sub-Saharan Africa.

Italian coast guard officers and rescue workers helped offload the passengers, wrapping an infant in a metallic blanket and taking at least one man away on a stretcher.

The passengers left behind husks of bread, soggy blankets, and fluorescent life jackets, scattered in the hull of the boat.

"I still have the trauma inside me. Because of the cold, the water. Because I've never tried this before in my life," said a 21-year old man from Sierra Leone who only gave his first name Abubakr.

Abubakr said the boat departed from the Libyan capital of Tripoli on Thursday morning and reached this tiny Italian island after a perilous 24-hour journey. The boat was just the first of at least four boats that arrived Friday.

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Darius Kadivar

And what are we going to do to deal with this situation ?

by Darius Kadivar on

And what are we going to do to deal with this situation ? Give them Jobs which we already can't give to our own compatriots ? In the name of what ? Brotherly Love ? ...

If you want to help the Libyans Stop the Madman in Libya from massacring them so that all these poor devils can go back and rebuild their country and not risk their lives at sea ! ...

Otherwise not only are you giving them false hope by dooming their future but you will be dooming your very own democratic societies on the long run by giving arguments to Far Right political radicals highjacking the democratic process and taking charge with their erroneous racist solutions ... And when that happens who are you gonna call to the rescue ? Gaddafi ? ...