Iran's top torturer aiding Syrian regime in clampdown
03-May-2011 (one comment)

GVF — As the dictatorship in Syria steps up efforts to quell to the uprising against President Bashar al-Assad's autocratic rule, a source inside Ahmadinejad's administration told the Green Voice of Freedom that a security delegation has been offering expertise and assistance to the autocratic regime in Damascus.

Amidst the intensification of repressions against anti-government protesters in Syrian, an informed source inside the Iranian administration has told the Green Voice of Freedom that Deputy Chief of Iran’s National Police, Ahmad-Reza Radan was part of a security delegation that visited the Syrian capital two weeks ago.

“The meeting between Brigadier-General Ahmad Reza Radan Ahmad-Reza Radan, the Deputy Chief of Iran’s Police with Syrian security officials took place two weeks ago, when the crackdown on protesters opposing the rule of Bashar Assad was intensified,” the source told GVF on condition of anonymity for security reasons.

According to the source, this reenforces the belief that Iranian security officials, including Radan, have been providing active assistance to the Syrian regime in crushing dissent in the country.

Radan is among the high ranking Iranian officials whose name was implicated in the prisoners abuse scandals at Iran’s notorious Kahrizak detention centre. He was named by a number of abused victims as the police official directly in charge of the detention centre who personally took part in beatings and i... >>>

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by alimostofi on

Do not use the word "Iran" to describe the activities of Ayatollahs.  Please use another phrase like "Ayatollah regime". Thanks. 


Ali Mostofi