GCC flays Iran claim, says ‘Gulf is Arab’
AFP via Gulf Times
03-May-2011 (one comment)

Interior ministers of the Gulf Co-operation Council yesterday denounced Iranian claims and said the Gulf did not exclusively belong to Iran.
“The Gulf is Arab and it will remain as it is,” the ministers said in a statement after a meeting in Abu Dhabi.
The GCC ministers said remarks by an Iranian official on Saturday were “provocative, irresponsible and contrary to the principles of good neighbourliness, mutual respect and non-interference.”
The chief of staff of Iran’s armed forces General Hassan Firouzabadi had denounced what he called an “Arab dictatorial front” and claimed that the “Persian Gulf had belonged to Iran for ever.”
In an initial reaction, the GCC chief on Monday slammed the statement as “aggressive.”
“The Gulf belongs to all states on its shores, and Iran has no right to claim otherwise as it owns nothing from the Gulf but its territorial waters,” GCC Secretary General Abdul Latif al-Zayani said in a statement on Monday.
Relations between Iran and its Gulf Arab neighbours have deteriorated sharply, with the latter accusing Tehran of seeking to destabilise Arab regimes in favour of popular unrest that has erupted in many Arab countries.
Shia-dominant Iran strongly criticised Gulf military intervention in Bahrain that was aimed at helping crack down on a Shia-led uprising there.
Iran says it gives “moral support” to Bahrainis but is not involved in the protests there.
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