Is Ahmadinejad Islamic Enough for Iran?
Foreign Policy / Abbas Milani
03-May-2011 (3 comments)

While most of the Middle East region has been risking life and limb for the sake of a democratic future, in Iran, different factions in the regime have been busy debating the virtues of the ancient Persian King Cyrus the Great. Neither side brings any new historical insight, but it hasn't been an exercise in mere navel-gazing -- in Iran, debates on ancient history have been a high-stakes affair. Today, the question is whether the Islamic Republic should pay closer attention to the country's pre-Islamic Iranian heritage; the answers recently offered by President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad threaten the collapse of the current regime.
The dispute itself is nothing new. For decades, if not centuries, the twin enigmas of Iran's identity and the nature of Islam in Iran have bedeviled Iranian scholars and politicians alike. Iranian identity is bifurcated, split between the pre-Islamic traditions of Zoroastrian and Manichean millennium before Islam, and the Islam-influenced developments of the last 1,300 years.
But there has never been a consensus about which side of this bifurcation should be privileged. Even in the first centuries after the arrival of Islam in Iran, though Iranians had a decisive role in formulating Islamic laws, governance, and literature, there was considerable tension between Arabs and Persians: The former routinely referred to the latter with the pejorative moniker Ajam. Some Arabs (and some Iranians) even questioned whether Shiism -- the dominant sect... >>>

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But they've been establishing well

by Escape on

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Maryam Hojjat

You Are Right, Mahmoudg

by Maryam Hojjat on

We must clean IRAN from Arab Islam(period)


this revolution was shakey from day one

by mahmoudg on

heck even before the return of the grand demon, this devolution was doomed to failure.  32 years on we see that the pillars of this regime is severly cracked and will fall soon. The question is; will Israel and the US bombs make it crumble or the Iranian masses make it fall.  There is no doubt about the fall of the Islamic Rapist Republic.  To answer another point brought on in the article; sufism has been another mode whereby Iranians have resisted Islam for centuries.  All in all, every facet of the Iranian culture and pscyhe is to combat Islam.  It is time we rid oursleves of this pest we call Islam.