Iranian protesters' hunger strike over asylum bid
cnn / Atika Shubert
30-Apr-2011 (one comment)

London (CNN) -- Outside the UK Border Agency office in Croydon, South London, several Iranian protesters have set up a tent.

For more than 2 weeks, Keyvan Bahari, Mahyar Meyari and 4 other Iranian asylum seekers have been on a hunger strike after the British government rejected their applications for asylum.

But Bahari and Meyari have taken their protest one step further: Sewing their lips shut with fishing line.

Sitting by his tent and struggling to speak through his sewn lips, Meyari explains why he wants to stay in Britain.

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If it wasn't for bad luck

by bachenavvab on

We wouldn't have any luck at all.  If it's not Michael Jackson's death, it is the royal wedding taking the focus away from the Iran issue.  Hopefully, we are getting the word out through email.

Simply copy and paste this link:


Thank you Yolanda.