Ridvan 2011: Baha'is Celebrate 'Most Great Festival'
The Huffington Post / Rothwell Polk
21-Apr-2011 (10 comments)

Baha'is all around the globe are celebrating the 12-day Festival of Ridvan from April 21 to May 2. The Festival of Ridvan marks the public announcement by Baha'u'llah, the Founder of the Baha'i Faith, of His Prophethood to His companions and family prior to His banishment to Istanbul from Baghdad. The first, ninth and 12th days of Ridvan are Holy Days which Baha'is observe with community gatherings and worship and on which work is prohibited.

When the authorities came to Baha'u'llah and explained He was to be exiled, He took up a residence in a garden complex on the Tigris River in Baghdad which He named the "Garden of Ridvan (Paradise)." He referred to the first day of Ridvan as "the Day of supreme felicity" and called the Garden of Ridvan "the Spot from which He shed upon the whole of creation the splendours of His Name, the All-Merciful" Baha'u'llah named the period of Ridvan the "Most Great Festival."

Mona 19

Happy Passover, Easter & Ridvan :)

by Mona 19 on

شاه شمشادقدان خسرو شیرین دهنان 
که به مژگان شکند قلب همه صف شکنان
مست بگذشت و نظر بر من درویش انداخت 
گفت ای چشم و چراغ همه شیرین سخنان
تا کی از سیم و زرت کیسه تهی خواهد بود
بنده من شو و برخور ز همه سیمتنان

شاه شمشاد قدان ~ سالار عقیلی

عید رضوان فرخنده و همایون باد  :)


Mona 19


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Happy Ridvan, dear Alborz

Most regards,Mona ;)


Happy Ridvan, dear Mona19

by alborz on

...and thank you for the greetings from the IC friends.


Mona 19


by Mona 19 on

Dear Yadam Beh Khair,Souri Khanum, IranMarzban

Thank you for your kind words.Wish you all the best.

Most regards,Mona ;)


happy rezvan  FREE IRAN

by IranMarzban on

happy rezvan 



Happy Ridvan

by Souri on

to all the Bahais in Iran and around the world,  especially to all our Bahais friends of IC

Yadam Beh-Khair


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Happy Rizvan to all and everybody in IC.

Mona 19


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Thank you for sharing. Very interesting interview & Happy Ridvan to you too

Warmest regards,Mona ;)


Thanx a lot Dear Mona,

by Ruhi on


Another cultish religion

by mullah-kosh on

While I condemn the IR 's treatment of Bahais, I have to say that this is another cultish religion that has not had the opportunity to seize power yet, and kill people. Any religion that claims any of its rituals as the greatest, well, just run the hell away from it.

Moorche chie ke abgoosht-esh chizi bashe..