Camp Ashraf residents can return to Iran: Iranian ambassador
Tehran Times
13-Apr-2011 (one comment)

TEHRAN - The Iranian ambassador to Baghdad has announced that the members of the terrorist Mojahedin Khalq Organization (MKO) who are based at Camp Ashraf can return to Iran under certain conditions.

“These persons can travel to Iran or any other country if they are willing to do so and if no criminal case has been filed against them in Iran or Iraq. They will also be given passports,” Ambassador Hassan Danaiifar told ISNA in an interview published on its website on Wednesday.

On Friday, following orders of the government and in line with the new Iraqi Constitution, the Iraqi army tried to dismantle the terrorist group’s residential area, called Camp Ashraf, but the MKO members residing in the camp clashed with the Iraqi soldiers.

Danaiifar also said that more than 750 former Camp Ashraf residents have returned to Iran over the past few years.

Elsewhere in his remarks, Danaiifar announced that the Iraqi government is determined to enforce the judicial rulings issued for a number of Camp Ashraf residents if they do not leave the country as soon as possible.

The Iraqi government regards the presence of MKO members in the country as “illegal”, the Iranian ambassador stated.

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Soosan Khanoom

These people should

by Soosan Khanoom on

These people should seriously be sent for some mental evaluation and possible treatment before they are being allowed to enter any society .....  

I also do not think IRI is a good option for them ...... any normal human being in iRI is laready going insane living there ....... just imagine the MKO .......the combination is explosive   :)

And that is if IRI does not capture and torture these poor Rajavi Worshipers as soon as they get shipped back to the so called home ........