A defense which deserves being called “holy”
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09-Apr-2011 (3 comments)

Almost 20 years have passed since the conclusion of 20th century’s longest, most erosive war which was brutally imposed on the defenseless people of Iran by a belligerent and aggressive dictator who was finally pushed to death by the same people who had once persuaded, funded, aided and supported him in attacking and invading the new-born Iran of post-revolution days.

The expansionistic ambitions of the beloved puppet of the White House who was granted the honorary citizenship of Detroit as a reward for his unconditional subservience to the United States, transpired to be a deadly pandemic which claimed the lives of more than 400,000 innocent Iranians who witnessed the most breathtaking years the country had experienced contemporarily.

With the intention of revitalizing the forgotten pan-Arabist sentiments of the 1950s, confronting an emerging Shiite power in the Persian Gulf region and taking over some of the strategic parts of Iran including the Arab-speaking province of Khuzestan and the triple islands of Abu Musa, Lesser Tunb and Greater Tunb which were handed over to Iran 9 years earlier in a trilateral agreement between Iran, the protectorate of Ras Al-Khaimah and the representatives of British forces in the Persian Gulf, Saddam Hussein unilaterally nullified the 1975 Algiers Agreement in 1980 and attacked Iran.

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yetarafeh be ghazi ???

by Shemirani on


Bfarhmand,do you really think :

 After taking USA embassy members for hostages  and burning Flags of others nations, shouting marg bar amrica....west country should defend Iran ?? !!!!

each action have consequences and all this atrocity was because of our own tyranical gouvernement !!

 when you are expecting respect  and consideration from others start by showing RESPECT first ! Iran never did that (since bloody revolution)

(but who cares you have lovy dovy friends like Al-assad hassan nastollah and putin, chavez you don't need imperialists lol )



by iamfine on

Dear  mahmoudg

I would like to see your comments about the help that Saddam got from the west (including other Arab countries) and the chemical weapon that was provided by the west which was used on innocent Iranian soldiers. Please respond intelligently - thanks


Iranians deserved what they got

by mahmoudg on

they supported the demon, Khomeini, who is the real reason for the war.  His weak, and non-existant strategy caused Saddam, the brutal to attack Iran. He and only he should bear the blame for the 8 year devastating war.  No one should shed any tear for this war.  What we should shed tear is what it did to our country, which was handed over to this murderor on a silver platter and he took it to the cespool on top of the Quran.