Iran Feature: The List of 1900 Political Prisoners
enduringamerica / Scott Lucas
05-Apr-2011 (4 comments)

A database of political prisoners --- some detained, some released on heavy bail --- has now grown to 1900 names. Many of the files have details, and there are more than 400 photographs.



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Shadi Sadr once said that

by MM on

Shadi Sadr once said that the forgotten IRI prisoners, those without advocates in general, get the worst treatment of all.  So, you are basically keeping them alive by keeping their names on the board. 

However, we cannot forget that every 8 hrs, a person is killed by IRI, many for the crime of being a drug-traffiker, See, e.g., 97 Executions in 30 Days–The Iranian Judiciary Steps Up Executions (*).  This by itself is alarming since IRI personnel are heavily invested in suppying illecit drugs to the society or exports.  Which makes one think that the victims either did not pay IRI officials enough hush-money or there is another reason they were executed!


(*) Most of those executed in the month period were suspects of drug trade including 10 in Karaj’s Rajaee Shahr Prison on 19 January, one in Kerman’s Zarand Prison on 18 January, five in Khorramabad on 13 January, seven in Tehran on 12 January, four in Isfahan Prison on 8 January, two in Boroujerd Prison on 7 January, one in Esfarayen on 8 January, 16 in Ahvaz Prison on 5 January, seven in Kermanshah Prison on 3 January, eight in Qom Prison on 1 January, one in Sari Prison on 25 December 2010, and two in Saveh on 4 December 2010.  One suspect was also hung on 20 January in Bojnord Prison.


The best and bravest of Iran

by Roozbeh_Gilani on

Who have put their life on line for the love of their country and it's people. Reading the heart wrenching  list, they come form a broad cross section of Iranian society. From Trade Union leaders, to teachers studenst, Doctors, engineers, ordinary workers. They are Fars, Kurd, Turk, Balooch. They are shia, sunni, Bahai or athiest. They are rich, poor.....

 This fascistic Islamist regime is completely losing any remaining popular suppoort. It is ruling our land by sheer force of barbaric oppression.

"Personal business must yield to collective interest."


You are right MM

by IranFirst on

I hope the Human rights groups keep track of ALL Iranains who are Killed by IRI. These lists will be used in the International Criminal courts to convict all the IRI muderers for crimes agains humanity


good info, and a reminder not to forget

by MM on

But, these are the more famous prisoners and many executed daily by claiming to be drug-traffikers may well be political in nature.