Crown Prince Reza's March 2011 Q&A / Reza Pahlavi Crown Prince of Iran
02-Apr-2011 (one comment)

Question 1) Recently the Green Movement has published their manifest. Despite some positive points, there are however negative points, such as their commitment to the Islamic Republic’s constitution. Should the secular forces do the same and publish their manifest and do not let religious forces to take over? Do you have any plane in this regard? Farhad, Shiraz

Reza Pahlavi: Dear Farhad,

What I am focusing on are the Green secular forces. I know they are currently debating and hopefully will soon announce their agenda. As I mentioned in my recent interview on VOA’s “Ofogh” program: I am ready to cooperate with anyone who concurs that the current regime cannot be reformed and joins the people in moving towards a democratic, secular Iran.

Question 2) Greetings, I wanted to know more about your uncles and your family altogether and if you have any relation with them and what they are doing now. Why you do not have any family picture with them and why they were not attending your late brother’s memorial service? Seyed, PARS

Reza Pahlavi: Dear Seyed,

My uncle Gholam-Reza Pahlavi and my aunt Ashraf Pahlavi are living quiet lives given their old age. I am in touch with them periodically. Despite your impression, our family members attended private and public services held for my brother in various cities around the world.

Question 3) Your Majesty Do you think regional events & changing in the North African countries &am... >>>

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