Political Prisoner Mohsen Dogmechi Dies in Prison Due to Lack of Medical Attention
30-Mar-2011 (2 comments)

Tuesday March 29th, Mohsen Dogmechi, political prisoner incarcerated at Rajai Shahr prison, passed away on the night of March 28th as a result of his deteriorating medical condition and lack of medial care.

Given the extend to which Dogmechi’s cancer had progressed, in mid March last year, doctors lost hope and announcing that he has only three months to live.

According to the Center to Defend the Families of those Slain and Detained in Iran, Dogmechi’s physical condition rapidly deteriorated during the last days of his life.

He was no longer able to sit while in bed. He was no longer capable of drinking even liquids such as milk and fruit juice and experience severe pain when drinking water.

It is worth mentioning that prison officials had refused to provide Dokmechi who was suffering from a malignant form of pancreatic cancer with medical attention; this despite the fact that doctors had recommended long ago that he be transferred to an external hospital for chemotherapy.

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My condolences to the family and friends of this brave man.

by Roozbeh_Gilani on

Who gave his life for Iran.

BTW, his "crime" was that his doughter was a MKO member! 

The leadership of the islamist regime will have to answer for this death As well as the killings, Rapes and tortures of hundreds of thousands of Iranians during their shameful reign.

"Personal business must yield to collective interest."


«دادستان گفت قرار نیست همه‌ی زندانیان با اعدام بمیرند!»