Ahmadinejad presents airplane to Turkmen President
29-Mar-2011 (one comment)

Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad has presented a two-seater airplane to his Turkmen counterpart Gurbanguly Berdimuhammadov, IRNA news agency reported.

According to the agency, the LSA airplane costs $130,000. The
airplane was presented to Berdimuhammadov on Sunday after his arrival at
Tehran Airport.
Last week, Berdimuhammadov sent thousand tons of flour as a present to Iran on the occasion of Novruz holiday.

A grand ceremony of celebrating Novruz holiday started in Iran on
Sunday. It is attended by senior officials of 19 countries, including
the presidents of Afghanistan, Iraq, Turkmenistan, Tajikistan and

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Na bahoosh jan

by IranMilitaryForum.net on

The reason for the gift was that Turkmenistan is to import this particular technology for local manufacturing. The Turkmen leader, prior to recieving the aircraft, had gifted Iran about a thousand tons of wheat as a good neighbourly gesture. I am sure you can't count but in comparison, the wheat would be valued over $500,000.00 far more than the plane which is a prototype. Here is the manufacturer's link:


And the plane that was gifted:


I am sure this news is much like a thorn in your eye, but for us Iranians, we take much pride in such exchanges that can only further our national interests with our friends and bring prosperity to Iran.

Eat your heart out