Iranian commander says IRGC economic activities legitimate

Commander Mohammadreza Yazdi, deputy of the Revolutionary Guards’ legal affairs, said the economic activities of the Guards are carried out according to the Supreme Leader's orders and there are no ambiguities in them.

In an interview with Khabbar-on-line, Yazdi said the Guards’ financial management and investments are the result of a plan of action that was put in place by Ayatollah Khamenei.

Yazdi insisted that the entire organization is completely transparent.

“So far no supervisory board nor even the opposition has requested an inspection of the economic activities of the Revolutionary Guards,” Yazdi maintained. However, he admitted that some “enemies as well as friends” have questioned the Guards’ finances. Since the end of the Iran-Iraq War, the Revolutionary Guards have engaged in a series of economic ventures. While the Guards do not publish reports of their investments, analysts say they are the most powerful economic arm of the country and their investments have now reached well beyond Iran.

In recent years, the Revolutionary Guards have gained wider influence in the legislative and executive branches of the government,. A number of Mahmoud Ahmadinejad’s cabinet ministers are from the Revolutionary Guards. Some Iranian MPs are also former Guards commanders. 

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