Obama in Chile hails Latin America progress
21-Mar-2011 (one comment)

President Barack Obama has called for a new relationship between the US and Latin America based on equal partnership.

Speaking in Chile, he said Latin America was fundamental to the prosperity and security of the US.

Mr Obama praised the region for its dynamism, saying it was ready to assume a greater role in world affairs.

He added that Latin America's political experience could be a guide for other peoples seeking democracy.

Mr Obama is in Chile on the second leg of a tour of Latin America that has been overshadowed by US-led military action against Libya.

"The world must now recognise Latin America for the dynamic and growing region that it truly is," he said.

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Darius Kadivar

As US World Influence ebbs Obama seeks influence in Latin Americ

by Darius Kadivar on

As US World Influence ebbs Obama seeks influence in Latin America ? 

This is actually good news for You IRANICANS ... 

It appears clear that Obama is trying to reshape the American Continent by redefining a new North South Partnership for the coming decade.

The Libyan Crisis is definitively a turning point in how the World sees America and how America Sees the World.

With the New Economic Giants of the East: China, India and a Russia no less powerful militarily, it is clear that there will be new economic blocs which will emerge and which will be in strong competition in the coming decades.

The World we live in is changing rapidly and the zones of geo strategic influence are shifting.

Obama knows that and is preparing the future for his country and continent. Given the odds this is a smart move by Obama.

Good Luck to what may emerge in the decades to come as a United Continent in the making ...

Europe's Spain and Portugal may well seek partnership in the future given the ancient ties with South America.