Libyan-Americans applaud U.S. air strikes, denounce Gadhafi

Several Libyan-Americans applauded today's military action by the
U.S. and its allies against Libya's government, saying it was needed to
remove Moammar Gadhafi from power.

"We are very happy with the
air strikes," said Salah Huwio, 50, of Ann Arbor. "This was a race
against time...I don't like war, but this guy is a madman. Someone had
to stop him."

Huwio and other Libyan-Americans told stories of
family and friends who have been affected by Gadhafi's crackdown on
protests in recent weeks, including a Michigan family whose home in
Libya was reportedly demolished by Gadhafi' forces. Huwio said he
supports Obama's call to not bring in U.S. troops.

take care of it on the ground," Huwio said of the Libyan opposition. "We
just need help with the air forces. Libyans are willing to sacrifice to
take care of him...He's been terrorizing the Libyan people for the last
41 years. People have had enough."

Huwio joined about 150 to
200 protesters who had gathered today in Washington, D.C., to rally
against the Libyan leader that they say has stifled freedom in their
native land. They only wished the U.S. action had come earlier.

Dr. Mohammed Torki, 45, of Allentown, Pa., said:

we feel the action is a bit late, it's never too late to stop him. We
should not back down... >>>

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