How the Loon of Libya won the West
The Globe and Mail / Margaret Wente


Among other things, it arranged a visit to Libya by Harvard professor
Joseph Nye Jr.
, a famous foreign-policy heavyweight. He sipped tea for
three hours with the great man and afterwards wrote a glowing account of
their meeting for the New Republic. What Mr. Nye did not disclose was
that he had travelled to Tripoli as a paid consultant of the Monitor
Group, which was on a $3-million a year retainer to the Libyan


"...Another paid consultant to the Monitor Group was Benjamin Barber, an
author specializing in democracy promotion. Mr. Barber also served on
the international advisory board of a human rights foundation overseen
by Saif (who can be seen on a current YouTube video in his bunker,
claiming that unrest in Libya has been highly exaggerated). In 2007, Mr.
Barber penned an op-ed for the Washington Post in which he wrote that
Libya under Col. Gadhafi could become “the first Arab state to
transition peacefully and without overt Western intervention to a
stable, non-autocratic
... "

"...Then there’s Anthony Giddens, a leading British intellectual, who made
two sponsored trips to Libya and wrote, “As one-party states go, Libya
is not especially repressive. Gadhafi seems genuinely popular.” Francis
and Richard Perle were ot... >>>

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