Egyptians demand secret police give up torture secrets
bbc / Alastair Leithead
08-Mar-2011 (one comment)

The headquarters of the Egyptian State Security Services in Cairo is an impenetrable concrete fortress of thick walls and turrets, its main building menacing and imposing.

People used to be intimidated just walking past it, but the myth and mystery of the horrors committed within are now out in the open - the latest stage of Egypt's continuing revolution.

The army has tanks and armoured cars outside after taking custody of the building and the thousands of documents inside which many people believe will reveal the truth behind the activities of the state security service.

After driving out a president and a prime minister, the protesters who have spent much of the past six weeks out on the streets, have now turned their attention to the feared secret police.

Its buildings have been raided across the country and the main headquarters in Cairo's Nasr City was no exception.

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Look how IRI will try and exploit this ;0)

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