Interview with Iran's Foreign Minister Ali Akbar Salehi
France 24
01-Mar-2011 (7 comments)

Iran's Foreign Minister, Ali Akbar Salehi, is interviewed on France 24. 

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Shifteh Jan

by Fair on

First of all thank you for all your valiant efforts at getting the voices of those who are being suffocated in Iran heard.

Unfortunately our people will pay a heavy price to get rid of the mullahs, but we will do it.  The first step is we need to unite on the goal- no more reform of a bankrupt system, we want the leader to step down, to allow parties to form and hold free and fair elections with international observers asap.  Nothing will happen until we unite on this, and we are doing this because it is loud and clear today that reform has failed.

Next we must unite Iranians at home and abroad- all the people who nagged that why does the US pay millions to broadcast to Iran should instead give $20 each to fund an actual good radio station and media dedicated to broadcasting news and programs about Iranians to Iran (not just a bunch of people calling in and cursing at each other). We should vehemently campaign the UN to freeze assets of Islamic republic leaders, and hold them accountable for crimes against humanity.  Of course, China and Russia will resist, and we should expose them internationally for their shameless stance.  We should demonstrate in front of Russian and Chinese embassies worldwide for their support of the murderers and rapists ruling Iran, and create a real PR problem for them .  We should let Iranians at home know that we are with them and follow their lead in getting what they need from the outside.  We should donate money to refugee funds for those escaping oppression in Iran to come here and continue their activism, and use technology to connect activists inside and outside Iran.

We have a lot of hard work in front of us, but we must do it ourselves, no one can do it for us.  And the process will teach us to work together, to compromise, and to prepare ourselves for democracy.


Thank you so much once again!




G. Rahmanian

Worthless Thug!

by G. Rahmanian on

A thug is a thug, no matter what post he may have under IR.


It is so good to see honorable people with great intentions..

by mullah-kosh on

It is so good to see honorable people with great intentions, with kind hearts, true Iranians who I have no doubt love their country finally come around to our point of view.

I wish I had kept my writings from a decade ago when that degenerate fool seyyed khandan was the president of the rapist republic. Back then, I had hair growing on my tongue trying to convince these good hearted people that the rapist republic can not be reformed. It has, and always had a fascistic backbone, and it fundementally reigns based on a fascistic ideology, and such government can only be defeated by force. The good people of course thinking emotionally rather than objectively wanted to give these thugs a benefit of doubt. Rightfully, they did not want a bloody revolution. After all we have lost so many good souls already.

Well, comes 2009, and 2011, and here wer are, most of those people are now convinced  that reform of this regime is impossible. However there is one big huge problem with coming around so late. The opportunities to change the regime with a bloody revolution has not passed us. The fascistic tendencies have evolved to full blow militaristic fascism. Today, there is only one way for this regime, and that is the good ol' US Air Force, and Navy bombing out of the existance the rapists' assets all over Iran so that Iranians can take back their country.

Go ahead, curse me, call me anti-iranian, accuse me of treason. I know where my heart lies. I love Iran, but an objective, and historic look at the trends in Iran suggests there is only one solution. Sooner or later, you guys will be where I am today. At that time, once again, it may be too late, and we will be on the verge of not just a collapsed government, but a disintegrated country.

US must act now, and take out the fascist regime in Tehran before those delusional, psychopath mullahs take Iran, and the rest of region to an abyss of which the nation may never come back. Don't say I did not tell you, it is only a matter of time.

Please US Marines, let's get the job done.


She should have asked one final question

by Bavafa on

and that is... 

Do you live and speak of the same Iran as the one that is in Middle East bordering Iraq/Afghanistan???

In some ways, this reminds of the interview with Tairq Aziz just at the beginning of the Iraq war when he was saying bragging about the Iraqis armed forces when you could see American tanks in the back ground



give liars a platform to spew their venom

by mahmoudg on

I think everyone listening can see through this guy.  He was more trying to implicate himself from the incidents, in case his beloved regime falls, so he has a way out.  He can say, i did not know anything, and perhaps save himself from life imprisonment.  But too little too late; Salehi.  You are done and so is your regime, and your Islam.

Shifteh Ansari

I am heartsick

by Shifteh Ansari on

to have to agree with you, Fair. Ajab badbakhti-ee be khoda! You are absolutely right. Mubarak was no more benevolent or liberal than Qadafi, but he was made to leave before he could kill more.

Fair, how do you think people can get rid of the Mullahs? How?


the lesson in all this is...

by Fair on

If you are going to have a dictator anyway, you are better off with one backed by the USA.  Look at Mobarak and Shah and Franco and Marcos vs Khamenei, Gaddhafi, Asad, Mugabe, Idi Amin, etc.  It is harder for the pro American ones to suppress their people without worrying about who is watching...