Three Evin Guards Jailed for Cooperating with Prisoners
Green Voice of Freedom
28-Feb-2011 (3 comments)

Informed sources have told the Green Voice of Freedom that the soldiers, who are currently fulfilling their military service at Evin prison, are Shahin Attar, Soheil Rouhandeh and Hamidreza Mohammadi. The three  are currently part of the counter-intelligence directorate at Evin prison. It would appear that the soldiers’ main “crime” was their decent and humane treatment of filmmaker Mohammad Nourizad and prominent member of the Islamic Iran Participation Front (IIPF) Mostafa Tajzadeh in quarantine.


Europeans ponders sanctions against 80 more thugs

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An article posted at the above cite named many of the officials.    For some reason it is no longer available--perhaps, to prevent the thugs from getting tipped off.   Hopefully, they'll also earn consideration by the World Court for when, not if--the regime falls.




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Wow! Even the prison guards are on the people's side! IRI's days are numbered!


The sanctions article is now available (link & excerpt)

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European diplomats have prepared a list of over 80 Iranian militia and police unit commanders, prison guards, prosecutors, judges and ministry bureaucrats that will be taken up for discussion for possible European Union sanctions for alleged torture, murder and other human rights violations against Iranian citizens.