Libya protests: Gaddafi says 'all my people love me' (VIDEO)
28-Feb-2011 (one comment)

Libyan leader Col Muammar Gaddafi has told the BBC he is loved by all his people and has denied there have been any protests in Tripoli.

Col Gaddafi said that his people would die to protect him.

He laughed at the suggestion he would leave Libya and said he felt betrayed by leaders who had urged him to quit.

Earlier world governments condemned attacks on Libyan civilians, with US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton saying Col Gaddafi must "go now".

The EU on Monday imposed sanctions including an arms embargo, asset freeze and travel ban on Col Gaddafi and his close entourage.

Col Gaddafi is facing a massive challenge to his 41-year rule, with protesters in control of towns in the east.

Darius Kadivar

VIDEO: "Kasho Khashak Tohee"

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Demonstrators are on Drugs say's Gaddafi ... LOL