Iran Jails Opposition Leaders
Wall Street Journal / FARNAZ FASSIHI
28-Feb-2011 (one comment)

"We consider them hostages in the hands of Iran's highest authorities," said Ardeshir Arjomand, Mr. Mousavi's spokesperson abroad,to BBC Persian TV on Monday.

The news comes on the eve of massive nationwide anti-government protests planned on Tuesday as part of a plan by the opposition to increase pressure on Iran's government by continued street demonstrations.

Iran's opposition has been invigorated by the wave of revolts around the region and staged two large demonstrations in the past two weeks.

Messrs. Mousavi and Karoubi have been under house arrest for nearly two weeks without any communication to the outside world. No one has directly spoken to them or heard from them since last Thursday, when family members say they believe they were abducted by security agents from their homes."

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by yolanda on

 According to this New York Times article:

 “Moussavi and Karroubi may actually prove to be more effective opposition symbols in jail rather than under house arrest,” said Karim Sadjadpour, an Iran expert at the Carnegie Endowment in Washington. “Their release will now likely become an international cause célèbre and an animus for future protests.”


So now these 2 guys become like Sakineh type of figures! They got more coverage now!

IRI is doomed! They don't know what to do with the 2 guys!