On Libya we can't let ourselves be scarred by Iraq
guardian.co.uk / Ian Birrell
27-Feb-2011 (2 comments)

It gets worse and worse. Muammar Gaddafi has declared war on his people and the streets of Libya are flowing with blood. Yesterday I heard of people watching their own air force attack the suburbs of Tripoli, leaving roads filled with burned bodies. When they tried to recover the corpses of friends and relatives, they risked being shot by gangs of roaming mercenaries.

It is like an apocalyptic Hollywood film. There are even rumours of systematic male rape in this elegant city of jacaranda trees and Italianate buildings. Who knows what is true and what is false, only that there is a whirlwind of terror amid a media blackout as the people of Libya try to overthrow the despot who has ruined their country these past 41 years.

Darius Kadivar

Stop the Madman

by Darius Kadivar on

The international community must get over the foolishness of the 2003 invasion, and take swift action against Gaddafi


Darius Kadivar

Ha Ha ... How Ironic ... Now This is REALLY FUNNY ! ...

by Darius Kadivar on

Ha Ha Now this is Funny ... The Left Wing Guardian who has been systematically against all options ranging from Military Strikes and airtight sactions or helping exiled oppositions that could lead to Regime Change in such countries like Iran, Libya or Syria but were all enthusiastic to see far more moderate "authocracies" toppled by "National Upheavals" be it Mubarak's Egypt, Iran of the Shah, Ben Ali's Tunisia ALL OF A SUDDEN see justification's in "Surgical Strikes" or even foreign invasion against the Mad men like Gaddafi which they have been supporting all along ? 

Now that's the JOKE OF THE CENTURY !


Here is Another one from another Middle East "Expert": 

Flynt Leverett's Article in the NY TImes)January 23, 2004:

Why Libya Gave Up on the Bomb :


These Shortsighted ANN TELECTUALS remind me of Neville Chamberlain who on grounds of FLOWER POWER Peace Loving Arguments thought Hitler was a Gentleman. 

An Advice to US Policy Makers: NEVER LISTEN TO EXPERTS !