European list IDs 80+ Iran militia, police for possible EU human rights sanctions
26-Feb-2011 (2 comments)

European diplomats have prepared a list of over 80 Iranian militia and police unit commanders, prison guards, prosecutors, judges and ministry bureaucrats that will be taken up for discussion for possible European Union sanctions for alleged torture, murder and other human rights violations against Iranian citizens.

POLITICO was provided a list of the Iranian individuals European diplomats have prepared for EU discussion of possible sanctions to include asset freezes and travel bans. EU foreign ministers will discuss the list at a brainstorming session in March, a European diplomat said Friday.

Notable is that the list includes not only such senior Iranian security and ministry officials as the interior and intelligence ministers and the Iranian Revolutionary Guards Corps general commander, but that it names quite specific prison guards, militia members, police unit figures, revolutionary court judges, prosecutors and ministry bureaucrats identified by governments and NGOs as responsible for torture, murder, and gross human rights abuses against Iranian civilians and political dissidents in the brutal crackdown unleashed in the wake of Iran's disputed June 2009 presidential elections.

Among the over 80 Iranian individuals on the list are: Ansar-e Hezbollah chief Hossein Allahkaram, and several Basij militia commanders including: Mohammad Reza Naqdi, the commander of the Basij and Hossein Taeb the former commander of the Basij; Ali Fazli, the deputy ... >>>

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so what?

by azadi5 on

I'm not sure what good this type of listing can do. most these people are nobody to anyone outside of iran. it would be interesting if they had listed khamenie himself or his son mojtaba, or ahmadinejad himself. these are known figures and seeing their names blacklisted would cause a great international ridicule for them.

another good use for this list would be to give it to some assassin and say go, from top to bottom.


Thank You EU - The List of IRI Murderers

by IranFirst on

A Great step in the right direction. These Murderers (and other IRI killers and toturers) should know that they will be put on trial by International bodies, once IRI is toppled.


Here is the list



کور ،کچل ،بسیجی ،ساندیس خور ،پاسدار و ملا.....حمام باید گردند