Iran's Fallen Hero Mohammad Mokhtari And The Story of The Stolen Coffin (In English & Persian)

Jaras News Agency: "My brother loved freedom. He loved life. He was
tired and participated in Feb. 14th demonstration like many other
youngsters just to say that he loved his country. Now neither myself nor
any of my family members can believe that Mohammad is no longer with
us. This is so cruel when we see that those who had no relation to my
brother stole his coffin."


These are excerpts by a family
member of Mohammad Mokhtari, a 22-year-old who was shot on Feb 14th
during a demonstration and subsequently lost his life. After his death,
due to security pressures his family has refrained from speaking to the
media but Majid Mokhtari has said that he cannot hold back anymore.


Mokhtari is the brother of Mohammad Mokhtari. He had to be hosptialized
after hearing of his brother's death. Now after days of shock and not
feeling well, he has come on the internet and was greatly upset when he
saw the published pictures of Mohammad Mokhtari's funeral procession in
state media.


He tells Jaras in a phone interview: "It's
like someone is telling me a story. A story about a brother who loved
life. But he was killed and someone is trying to change his story. And
it is painful to see the lifeless body of my brother on the shoulders of
people whose faces are not at all familiar to me, h... >>>

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