Iranian Opposition Schedules New Protests
Wall Street Journal / FARNAZ FASSIHI

BEIRUT—Iran's opposition announced a plan for nationwide street protests every Tuesday for the next three weeks as a way to increase pressure on the government.

The Green Movement's Organization Committee, which is based abroad and organizes protests via the Internet, said Thursday that the plan for "Tuesdays of Protest" was a result of consultations with advisers and suggestions from supporters inside Iran who wanted to keep the protests' momentum going.

A statement published on opposition websites said that protests would continue and move to other phases such as sit-ins, strikes, boycotts and civil resistance.

Iran's opposition has appeared invigorated in recent weeks amid the wave of Arab pro-democracy uprisings. The collapse of the governments in Tunisia and Egypt, and the unrest in Libya, has stirred many Iranians to push for change.

"People want to witness what happened in Tunisia and Egypt in Iran as well," said prominent film director Mohsen Makhmalbaf, a member of the opposition committee, in a video message to Iranians on Thursday. "Protesting every week will challenge the regime and in the future these weekly protests will turn into daily events."

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