Senegal Severs Diplomatic Ties With Iran Again!
freedomnewspaper / Pa Nderry M’Bai, Raleigh, NC

THE GAMBIA—Senegal has once again severed diplomatic ties with Iran
saying that Tehran has been supplying modern arms to MFDC rebel fighters
in Casamance, in the South province of Senegal.  In
a newscast aired on Tuesday Mid-night on state television, the Wade
Government blamed Iran for the recent demise of three of its soldiers,
who were ambushed, and killed by the MFDC fighters. "Senegal is outraged
to note that Iranian weapons brought about the death of Senegalese
soldiers. Consequently, Senegal has decided to severe its diplomatic
ties with the republic of Iran, starting this day," the Foreign Ministry
said in a statement issued to the media.

move followed a visit made to The Gambia, by Senegalese Foreign
Minister Madicke Ndiang, who concluded a one day working visit to the
West African country.  Minister Ndiag discussed
issues relating to regional peace, security, trade, and other bilateral
ties between Senegal, and Banjul with his Gambian counterparts.  The
Senegalese envoy was received by Gambia’s Vice President Isatou Njie
Saidy.  The meeting primarily centered on the pending Gambia/Senegalo
Consultation forum to be held at a  latter date in Dakar.


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