Iran Opposition Considers More Protests
Wall Street Journal / FARNAZ FASSIHI
21-Feb-2011 (3 comments)

After two days of violent street protests in one week, Iran's opposition Green Movement said Monday it was pondering its next move and considering a continuation of street protests, according to opposition websites.

A new date hasn't been announced for antigovernment protests although supporters posted on the opposition's Facebook page that this Tuesday or Wednesday are possible.

Opposition leaders Mir Hossein Mousavi and Mehdi Karoubi have been under house arrest for over a week with little communication with the outside world. Their absence, however, appears to have had little impact on the organization of the movement or its ability to mobilize.

"Dictators should know that our fight is not going to end. God willing with courage, coordination and perseverance our next steps will be firmer and harsher," said Ardeshir Amir Arjemand, part of the committee and Mr. Mousavi's spokesperson abroad, according to the opposition websites.

A team of advisers and activists, mostly abroad, have formed a group called the Central Organization Committee for the Green Movement and are now calling the shots.

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More Regime Change than Where is my vote

by IranFirst on

With Mousavi and Karrubi practically prisioned, the movement will be more about get rid of the whole regime, rather than any "reform". Mousavi and Karrubi were bound to work within the system (at least up to now), with them not being able to set the tone, nothing short of the Khamenei's downfall will be acceptable to the people. IRI is doomed either way, they could not let these two be free and call for more protests and with them imprisoned, the demands of the people is much higher (regime change)than Mousavi and Karrubi would have asked for


From what I hear...

by Roozbeh_Gilani on

The newly formed central committe is broader in outlook than I expected. They are no doubt debating the next steps, tactics and strategies. The rank and file of activists and local organisarers in Iran are restless and ready to go. All music to my ears! 

"Personal business must yield to collective interest."



by yolanda on

Glad that the flame of democracy is not extinguished after the 2 leaders are under house arrests!