19-Feb-2011 (5 comments)

(AGI) Teheran - The two German journalists arrested in Iran while interviewing Sakineh's son and attorney have been freed.
The announcement was made by the German Foreign Minister, who noted that the two reporters are, at the moment, in Tabriz together with a functionary of the German Consulate. He said that they should be brought to the German Embassy in Teheran by the end of the day. The student agency ISNA stated that their 20 month sentence in jail has been commuted to a fine of 36,000 euros each, to be paid in cash.

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Islamic Comments, as usual

by IranFirst on

Their "crime" was they had talked to relatives of an innocent women who was about to be stoned (in 21st century) by your barbaric Arab Islam, your terrorisr IRI got upset and took them hostage (the only thing they are good at)

Do YOU support Stoning? 

Please be honest and don't use yout Islamic taghiyeh, the answer is yes , or no


کور ،کچل ،بسیجی ،ساندیس خور ،پاسدار و ملا.....حمام باید گردند


shallow comments

by fussygorilla on

as usual, so far the comments ignore the facts and continue one-sided propaganda.  these Germans had initially DENIED  that they were journalists, had entered Iran with Tourist visas, attempting to dish out some dirt about a local issue: a woman who had murdered her husband and sentenced to die for it.  They have served a few months of their sentence for lies and now have to pay the bail money to leave.  This only shows a fair and compassionate punishment for these liars.



آنکه شیران را کند روباه مزاج، احتیاج است، احتیاج است، احتیاج!


And yesterday they apologised to Spain for helding their embassy employee during 25 bahman. So what happened to "Doctor" mammot's  "aggressive foreign policy"? I guess compromised in return for a safe heaven when the angry masses start knoking on mammot and Agha's doors!  

"Personal business must yield to collective interest."



by yolanda on

Thank you for posting the good news! So IRI took the ransom and let the innocent reporters go........hopefully we will hear more from the 2 reporters disclosing that IRI forced them to confess.


Thank you German Jurnalists

by IranFirst on

Thanks to these two and all the other people who pulicized Sakineh's case world-wide and made it impossible for IRI terrorists to stone her


کور ،کچل ،بسیجی ،ساندیس خور ،پاسدار و ملا.....حمام باید گردند