Iran's Revolutionary Guard pledges to hold fire
Telegraph / Con Coughlin
17-Feb-2011 (3 comments)

Following the recent violence that occurred during anti-government protests in Egypt, the officers argue that it is against the principles of Shi'ite Islamic law to use violence against their own people.

In a suggestion of a major split within the Islamic Republic's ruling hierarchy over its handling of anti-government protests, the letter has been circulated widely throughout the ranks of the Revolutionary Guards, the body responsible for defending religious system.

The letter, a copy of which has been seen by the Daily Telegraph, is addressed to Major Gen Mohammad Ali Jafari, the Guards' commanding officer. It calls on Major Gen Jafari to issue guidance to both the Revolutionary Guards and the Basij paramilitary militia to use restraint when handling anti-government protests.

During the violent anti-government demonstrations that followed the disputed presidential election in June 2009, which saw President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad elected to serve a second four-year term, the government relied heavily on the Basij to suppress the protests over fears that it could not rely on certain Guards units.

But in the letter, which is signed by senior officers commanding Guards units in Tehran, Qom, Isfahan and Tabriz, they urge Major Gen Jafari to "use your authority over the Basij to order them to leave their truncheons at home next time."

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Wish it were true

by Rea on

However, knowing RG to be one of the IRI pillars, hard to believe. It's even harder knowing it's Telegraph.


What a load of rubbish!

by PArviz on

Anybody who is even slightly familiar with the Revolutionary Guards' history and their role in preserving the regime using extreme savagery and violence, would tell you that the fate of the regime and that of the Guards are intertwined. One can not exist/survive without the other, they compliment each other.

No way, anybody, can make "national heroes" out of these mostly criminal bunch. Their task is not to defend Iran or Iranians. The Revolutionary Guards' sole mission is to defend and preserve the
regime. In a democratic Iran (because this is what the majority of the
protesters want, a secular system) there is no place for such a criminal
and corrupt institution.

The criminal regime needs its henchmen and thugs (Pasdars and Basijis) to put down any kind of dissent with cruelty and violence in order to insure its survival, in return the regime pays these murderers well and gives them free hands to do almost whatever they want.

They also know well, that the people of Iran have a score to settle with them for all the crimes Pasdars have committed against the Iranian people in their service to the Akhundi regime. So that makes them even more determined to help keep the present regime in power. 

So, you can be sure that they will never be on people's side or stay neutral (maybe a few isolated cases but not as a institution as happened with the Egyptian army).


Down with the ENTIRE Islamic Republic!

G. Rahmanian

If True

by G. Rahmanian on

This Is Great News!