Iran opposition: Will Arab uprisings spread?
14-Feb-2011 (one comment)

As Iranian opposition groups threaten to rally in support of the uprisings in Egypt and Tunisia, the BBC's Mohsen Asgari in Tehran asks whether the Middle East political contagion could spread to Iran - the first non-Arab country.

Iranian opposition leaders have issued a call for a peaceful rally in support of the Egyptian and Tunisian uprisings to be held later today in Azadi Square - Tehran's counterpart of Cairo's now-famous Tahrir Square.

"In order to show solidarity with the popular movements in the region and specifically the freedom-seeking movement by the Tunisian and Egyptian people against their autocratic governments, we hereby request a permit to call for a rally," Mir Hossein Mousavi and Mehdi Karroubi wrote in a letter to Iran's interior ministry last week.

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I thought we had Exported them ? ;0)

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