Authorities Unleash a Wave of Violence Against Demonstrators
Int.'l Campaign for Human Rights in Iran

(14 February 2011) Iranian security forces should end the use of excessive force, intimidation, and arbitrary arrest against peaceful demonstrators said the International Campaign for Human Rights in Iran today. The Islamic Republic is openly violating freedom of assembly in Iran, while claiming to support it in Egypt.

Today, 14 February 2011, thousands of demonstrators came out in Tehran and other major Iranian cities, in what organizers called a rally in solidarity with protestors in Egypt and Tunisia. However, Iranian security forces suppressed demonstrations across the country, reportedly attacking crowds with tear gas, paint bullets, sticks, electric batons and live ammunition. There were reports that one demonstrator was killed.

Several eyewitnesses told the Campaign that they observed security forces and plainclothes agents attack and disperse groups of demonstrators in between Ferdowsi and Enghelab squares in Central Tehran.

“Today’s crackdown leaves no doubt that the Iranian government is determined to suppress its opponents at any cost by mobilizing a large number of police forces, Basiji militants and undercover intelligence to violently silent people seeking to exercise their legitimate right to assembly,” said Aaron Rhodes, a spokesperson for the Campaign.

“The demonstrators in Iran came out because they were reenergized by events in Egypt and Tunisia. Now the Iranian government, who chastised Mubarak for not respecting the... >>>

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