Iranium (video)
09-Feb-2011 (9 comments)

This video is available for free viewing online for limitted time.

It is an important video showing how the Islamic regime in Iran is
bent to destroy the world to bring about the advent of the hidden Imam.


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Iranium Movie

by Faramarz on

I watched parts and pieces of the 5 segments. I don't think that there is anything new in there. And then there is all the Israeli stuff which is a turn off for most Iranians.



MM and Bavafa

by IranFirst on

I don't know why they ask about the need for e-mail address to watch it. It does not make sense.

But, you can put a fake e-mail address and watch it. I tried it, it worked :-)



by IranFirst on

First change your name to your real name Islamgorilla. Second, take your Islamic preaching and slogans to IRI or press TV, this is not IRI that you can tell me or others what to watch or not. Sorry, here you can't put people in jail and kill them for opposing your Terrorist IRI and Islam. The fact that terrorist IRI was trying to dictate to Canada (a free country) NOT to watch this, is good enough reason for me to watch it.

Other people are free to watch this and decide for themselves, that is how it is done in civilized world (Unlike Islamists who are not allowed to think and use their brains). Terrorist IRI is NOT Iran and will be overthrown by Iranians soon.


MM guess what!

by fussygorilla on

CIA-Mosad need to have the information, of course.  Where have you been?


Thanks I-first

by Cost-of-Progress on

I too will watch it this wknd.

hey should change your name to islam wait, arab first....





why need to enter email/register to watch video?

by Bavafa on

possibly so they can add it to their database for the list of supporters.

A short preview of this revealed the depth of propaganda and its participant and their rhetoric was only matched by IRI BS.

As far as I am concerned a good-feel-movie if you get a kick out of demonizing IRI which unfortunately has Iran and Iranian's name attached to it for the uninformed audience which is vast and plentiful in US.



why need to enter email/register to watch video?

by MM on



I'll be watching it this weekend.

by Roozbeh_Gilani on

If it is as good as it is claimed to be, I'll purchase a copy and show it to my non_Iranian friends first,  then lend it to local library for wider public audience.

Thank you very much Iran.First

"Personal business must yield to collective interest."



by fussygorilla on

First, change your name to your real name IsraelFirst.  Second, tell the people what Clarion Foudation is all about; a Christian-Zionist extremist right-wing fanatical organization founded by a Jewish-Canadian spreading anti-Islam propaganda to create fear and Islamophobia among those who cannot think for themselves.  Third, people such as discredited Bernard Lewis the Orientalist-British zionist and other well known Israeli agents are well known. The entire group is discredited and are traitors to the American national interest. Fourth, the spread of Islam has created such extensive fear among these right-wing nuts that they now produce garbage propaganda. Time to fold up Israel as a jewish state, the main cause of instability and conflict in the region. Finally, Shame on those Iranians who push such garbage in order to push their own agenda of anti-Iranianism.