Green and Jasmine bleeding together
Al Jazeera English / Hamid Dabashi

The democratic Sirocco that is blowing beautifully eastward from North Africa has refreshing ripples and smells of beautiful jasmine across the River Nile, towards the Persian Gulf, beyond the Arabian Sea, over the Indian Ocean and right into the farthest reaches of Iran and Afghanistan and then right into Central Asia.

The triumph of the democratic will of the Tunisians - and now Egyptians - is a simultaneous victory for the identical aspirations of Iranians who did precisely what we are witnessing in Tunisia and Egypt a year and a half earlier and yet failed to reach for the dream-like finale.

Iranians in and out of their homeland are taking a vicarious delight in the swift success of the Tunisian uprising and in the heroic determinism of Egyptians. Though they have yet to dislodge a far more vicious and entrenched dictatorship that has destroyed their land and distorted their culture for three decades, they are following with punctilious attention to details the dramatic unfolding of events in Tunisia and Egypt.

In Facebook and Tweets, in websites and webcasts, internet forums and transnational news portals, email list-serves and text messaging - in Persian, French, English, and Arabic, Iranians from around the globe post and repost, watch and re-watch the YouTube clips and Al Jazeera streams, following the unfolding events, offering advice, soliciting details, congratulating their Tunisian and Egyptian friends and colleagues, and have already co... >>>

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