121 Executions In Six Weeks: Prosecutor General Confirms Secret Birjand Executions
Int.'l Campaign for Human Rights in Iran
07-Feb-2011 (15 comments)

According to the statistics compiled by the International Campaign for Human Rights in Iran, 121 individuals have been hanged between 20 December 2010 and 31 January 2011.

Only one day before two United Nations Special Rapporteurs asked the Islamic Republic of Iran for a moratorium on executions and a visit by the Rapporteurs, Iran’s Prosecutor General noted executions inside Birjand Prison, and spoke of more executions during the coming days. But these executions have not been reported by official sources, such as the Prosecutor’s website, and the South Khorasan Judiciary’s website, increasing concerns that numerous secret executions are taking place around the country.

On 31 January 2011, Fars News Agency reported that Mohseni Ejei told a press conference, “At dawn this morning, several drug traffickers were executed in Birjand, and over the past several days, also, several drug traffickers were executed in Tehran and Karaj.”

The International Campaign for Human Rights in Iran has received reliable information from local sources that as many as fifty inmates have been executed inside the Birjand Prison over the past few months. Much like executions that have been taking place inside Mashad’s Vakilabad Prison, referenced in the UN Special Rapporteurs’ statement, the Iranian Judicial authorities have refrained from reporting the widespread executions. An informed source told the Campaign that over the past five months, more than 50 dr... >>>

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How come

by MRX1 on

Islamic paradise has so many drug dealers then? come on evey one knows that the glorious revolutionery guard are in charge of distribution of narcotics both in iran and abroad. Justise is done when we see rev guards being hanged for drug distribution.....


After the case of Zahra bahrami...

by Roozbeh_Gilani on

Only a fool or paid agents of islamist regime would believe these charges of drug dealing attached to political prisoners.

BTW, I beleive Shah's Savak used to also arrest politically active opposition figures on charges of drug dealing! 

"Personal business must yield to collective interest."


Iran Military Forum

by Agha_Irani on

is just another username for "Sargord Pirouz" - agents of the islamo-nazi terrorist regime.  They distract you by talking about drugs.  These people weren't drug dealers - they were political activists who the islamist rapists couldn't simply kill for their political views so they brutally murdered them for being "drug dealers" etc.


The barbaric islamist tyranny are nothing but a pack of liars - even their cult accepts "taqqiya" - religiously sanctioned lying as acceptable.  

G. Rahmanian

The Turf War!

by G. Rahmanian on

The claim that most of those executed are drug dealers even if true, is tantamount to turf war between IRGC Mafiosi and other Mafia groups. This is no different from the turf war among Mafia organizations in other parts of the world. The only difference is that in Iran of today, the real Mafiosi are the IR thugs. Some years ago Mohsen Rezaie threatened to name names in this regard, however, as is the tradition under the rule of IR,  he was told to shut up!  Had he not agreed to keep quiet, he would have met a similar fate to that of Ahmad Khomeini's. Criminals who have robbed the nation's coffers of tens of billions of dollars, confiscated people's properties through forgery of legal documents, awarded themselves hundreds of large and midsize projects pushing many companies into bankruptcy, forced people out of their legitimate and lucrative businesses by turning the whole country into a junkyard for shoddy Chinese goods, created an apartheid system with regards to education and employment, and committed countless crimes against Iranians would not hesitate to sell drugs. In cases of this kind, their real enemies are other drug dealers.


Don't worry, you are not much of a challenge to engage anyway

by IranMilitaryForum.net on

BTW, dont take ny response as an invitation for a debate as I have
beBTWtter things to do with my life. just chew on the facts, lick your
wounds anwait for the christmas

No better things to do than play with sand I guess. You don't have to engage in political posting if you don't have stomach for it. I asked for "proof" and you couldn't cough up anything that would fit the bill not to mention when you were confronted with your garbage you dashed out like a bat out of hell.

If you, among other things, do not have any stomach beyond self praise, what hell are you doing here in the first place let alone one who engages politics in forums such as IP.


I am sure you can find a kindy garden nearby to post w/o any challenege or something that you can handle like a child.



on irgc

by vildemose on

The foreign operations of MOIS in the gathering of intelligence are done according to the methodology of SAVAK, learned from the CIA and Mossad. MOIS also performs misinformation campaigns,

learned from the KGB after the Islamic revolution. The priorities of MOIS in foreign operations are: to monitor, infiltrate and control dissident Iranian groups; to initiate connections and networks for an increased influence; to carry out terrorist and military operations; to identify any type of foreign threat, especially the ones connected to Iran's nuclear program and presently focusing on Israel and USA;

to disseminate false intelligence (misinformation) in order to protect Iran and its future interests; to acquire new technologies for defense as well as spare parts for the existing equipment.

Iran's misinformation operations have a wide range of manifestations. They are called "nefaq" - which means discord in Arabic, and are used in order to discredit reformist and opposition groups from other countries as well as to draw attention and create confusion within foreign powers about the Iranian military and intelligence capacities.

The foreign responsibilities of MOIS also included the assassination of dissidents abroad but, presently, this responsibility has reduced.

New responsibilities occurred, referring to subversive activities and the export of revolutions abroad. Iran currently extends its connections with groups from Algeria and with the Taliban group from Afghanistan.

Despite the ideological differences, they use similar tactics and have common global goals as far as the fight against the non-Islamist influence is concerned.

The present Iranian minister of intelligence is Heidar Moslehi, a former IRGC officer. He was appointed by President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad after the elections and protests from June 2009, being a close ally of the current President.



Yes, truth hurts!

by Roozbeh_Gilani on

You asked for proof, I throw it at your face, it hurt you badly so now you are screaming foul!

IRCG is a designated terrorist organisation in US and most European countries, and now the news of their drug operation is leaking out and you dont like it. No surprises there!

And for "daily jokes", We always have your avatar and your endless "news items", consisting of laughable cut and pastes from the islamist regime's propaganda outlets about what a great place islamist regime is!

BTW, dont take ny response as an invitation for a debate as I have better things to do with my life. just chew on the facts, lick your wounds and wait for the christmas :)


"Personal business must yield to collective interest."


I asked for evidence not daily jokes!

by IranMilitaryForum.net on

"The daily quoting highly reliable sources"

Really? like the Zio_fascists claims of Iranian nukes claim from other "reliable sources" 

the Revolutionary Guard, to overcome the financial difficulties at
home, has weaved a network of men from the erstwhile Soviet Union

So, how interesting! I thought the anti IRI crowd keep posting afterposts that IRGC is now the only business in Iran under Ahmadi and the last I check, there was no decrease in oil and gas prices of the world (if anything, they have an upward trend). So why IRGC would be interested to engage itself in dangerous drug operations in Europe to hurt its goals for a couple of Billion Dollars when it is sitting on something like 250 Billion Dollar trade? Petty cash is more of pakistani or Afghani business than for IRGC!


Charniauski, .......... was arrested
on Dec 24, 2009 at the Bahrain International Airport for attempting to
smuggle 500 grams of cocaine. He allegedly arrived from India and was on
his way to Saudi Arabia.

During interrogation with the Bahraini police, the Belarusian admitted
to the drug smuggling charge but later recanted his confession in front
of the Public Prosecution, allegedly upon instructions from the Iranian
authorities which were reportedly passed on to him through his family.


How amusing indeed! Mr. Yuri is presented as the head of Russian trafficking mafia working with IRGC but he was allegedlycharged with drug smuggling through Bahrain and that for a mer 500 grams of Cocaine. For those who are born and raised in ME it is a no brainer that 500 grams of cocaine is kids stuff in terms of local drug smuggling let alone for a alledged drug Baron such as Mr. Charniauski. Finally, the article continues to claim that his release is being pushed by IRGC and Iranian government. Only uneducated people would believe that Iranian government would have such influence over the Bahraini government. reming you, Bahrain is the main hub/base and storage facility for the US armed forces.

Lastely, the news source is Kuwaiti, one would think such news would be all over Europe and US mainstream, Zionist infested media as a freebee to beat IRI. Don't you wonder why wvwn these stunch Iranian enemies who often manufacture lies themselves kept distance from this news?

I leave that little work for you!

I asked for evidence and yet I was given a thought provoking joke indeed. Is it any wonder why majority of Iranians do not believe the so called member of Iranian opposition and their fans?

Think this one out too as a food for thought!




Islamist regime's drug trafficking operation

by Roozbeh_Gilani on


Prove it!

by IranMilitaryForum.net on

I for one would be so happy if IRGC or whomever could supply drugs to the hungery Europeans and make tons of money out of it too. Why should Iranians pay with their lives in interdicting drugs from Afghanestan to Europe? Who is helping to fund Iran's drug wars?No one really! If the Europeans want it, then why shouldn't Iran make ton of money instead of some perhaps, Americans sitting in Kabul while the 130000 US troops roam around the puppy seed fields 24/7 as if passing through vegetable gardens?

If there is anything valid it is that all those Western organizations, specially in cases of dealings with Iran, are not so reliable. Be it IAEA, HR and Western governments, they have all proven to be liers in many occasions right here at IP.  It is beyond naivite to consume Western garbage as facts when by now even native Westerners on the street take what their news passes on to the population with a handful of salt while our Iranian "patriots" consume such crap as if it is the God given holy book .

If you can prove IRGC is in charge of drug dealings then present it. Otherwise think twice before posting any non-sense just in the name of opposition to IRI. 


Shifteh Ansari

Missing the point entirely

by Shifteh Ansari on

1. If this is a policy worth defending, then why are there secret group executions of drug dealers in Islamic Republic? To keep the  executions statistics low, so that their human rights record won't look any worse than it does?

2. Why aren't families and lawyers of those executed informed about the executions? By law they are supposed to do that.

3. Most importantly--Zero Tolerance?!! No, you give me a break! These people are poverty-stricken petty dealers of drugs. Who are the REAL drug dealers of Iran, the ones who import and traffic it through Iran into Europe? Who are those whose drug trade has more than 10 million Iranians addicted at this time?

Drum Roll....here's your answer IranMilitaryForum.net:

The Islamic Revolutionary Guards Corps (IRGC, Sepaah).

Where is the government's zero tolerance about those dealers?!! Executing a bunch of petty traffickers is not going to solve Iran's drug problem.



by yolanda on

It sounds like Iran is full of "drug traffickers"!

How come other countries don't need to execute drug traffickers every 2 days?


Is zero tolerence bad for drug dealers/traffickers?

by IranMilitaryForum.net on

Give me a break! From one end the opposition bitches and morns about illegal drug use progression in Iran from the other the same opposition bitches and morns about drug traffickers executions.

The conclusion can be only one thing and that is "the opposition is about bitching and morning" only not a solution to any of Iran's problems.

Iran has lost over 3000 border security agents in fighting the drug traffickers. Not a soul has raised the loss of lives of these men here at IP or abroad in general. But there is plenty of barking at rampant drug trafficking and increase in drug addicts in Iran.

For those foreign agencies such as human rights watch, they again prove that they are tools of trade for new colonialism and apply they out most criticism only to those countries that deviate from the West's strategic influence such as Iran.

There is only one thing remaining to say to those that bark for the sake of barking: "either put up or shut up" !

If you can't lead by offering a solution or join those who do, then get the hell out of the way!!!!!!






by yolanda on

IRI is truly brutal and has no intention to slow down the executions...I feel helpless....Is this the repeat of 1988? What can we do to stop the slaughtering?

NIAC made noise about the Arabia Gulf.......this is way more serious than the Arabian Gulf incident......I hope they do something before it is too late!