Jordan protests: King Abdullah names Marouf Bakhit PM
02-Feb-2011 (2 comments)

King Abdullah of Jordan has dismissed his cabinet and appointed a new prime minister amid large street protests.

New PM Marouf Bakhit has been charged with carrying out "true political reforms", but the Islamist opposition rejected the appointment.

The protesters had demanded action on unemployment and rising prices and the right to elect the prime minister.

They blamed former PM Samir Rifai for the country's economic problems and had called on him to stand down.

The palace said the king had accepted Mr Rifai's resignation earlier on Tuesday.

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Jeremy Paxman interviews Prince Hassan

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Prince Hassan is the Current King's Uncle and was at a time considered as the heir to the late King Hussein but had to step down in favor of Crown Prince Abdullah who became King.


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FYI/Charlie Rose interviews Jeremy Paxman on British Monarchy

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