Egypt's Political Unrest: More Lessons for Iran
Tehran Bureau / Muhammad Sahimi

The revolution in Tunisia is spreading to the rest of the Arab world. But it would be a grave mistake to confuse Tunisia with Egypt. Egypt is the most important pillar of American policy in the Middle East, where the United States has been trying to keep together a coalition for its so-called war on terrorism. Egypt is also the most important Arab and Islamic country to have signed a peace agreement with Israel, and the two countries have collaborated to restrict the Palestinian movement Hamas in the Gaza Strip. So, it is not just America that is following the developments in Egypt. Israel too is watching nervously what is happening there, as is the rest of the Middle East.

While it is too early to predict what might be the eventual outcome of the demonstrations in Egypt, there are already a few lessons for Iran and its democratic Green Movement. To learn the lessons, we must first understand the similarities and differences between Iran and Egypt, in order to avoid unfounded generalizations from one to the other.
So, what are the similarities between Egypt and Iran?

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