A Nation of Sheep, Owned By Pigs, Ruled By Wolves
29-Jan-2011 (2 comments)

This is absolutely the best ,please watch,and distribute to everyone.

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by fussygorilla on

Did not watch what you offered but as your headline spells out, it is as if it describes good 'ol U.S. of A.


So far you have been safe, The News Editor is partying!

by Kashk on

He/she might have asked you to post this under the blogs tab, but anyway, cruel video clip but very true. More truth to this post than phony so called “news” entries from others. If mullahs are the pigs, wolves are the west. West who is swiping the region with Islamic military regimes. Western “sheep” would not stand silent to watch their tax $s be wasted on wars/defense if they weren’t kept on a constant state of terror from bullies in the region. These bullies only terrorize their own people/sheep, too afraid to attack the wolves and the wolves know that too. I mean …