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Informed Comment / Christopher Anzalone
27-Jan-2011 (9 comments)

Hezbollah’s Double Standards: Tunisia, Iran, & Popular Protest

Hezbollah just issued a statement via its media relations office expressing strong support for “the people’s uprising” (the Arabic term intifada is used) in Tunisia. This, only days after it and its allies withdrew their ministers from the Lebanese government of Prime Minister Saad Hariri leading to its collapse, The mass popular protests that led to the unexpected flight of Tunisia’s longtime autocratic president Zine El Abidine Ben Ali are heralded by Lebanon’s largest Shi’ite political party as “historic developments.” Hezbollah’s enthusiastic support and attempted cooption of the potentially groundbreaking events last week in the North African country stand in stark contrast to the party’s reserved, at best, public response to mass popular protests that followed the controversial Iranian presidential elections in the summer of 2009. While this discrepancy is hardly surprising it is a clear illustration of the Hezbollah leadership’s double standards as well as a fairly blatant example of their attempt to spin events in Tunisia to fit the party’s ideological framing.


Hezbollah's double standards, Iran, Tunisia

by vildemose on

Hezbollah has clearly shown that for all its claims to represent the “downtrodden and oppressed of the world,” its concern for political and social freedoms, like those of the nation-states it criticizes, is selective and determined by self-interest rather than a belief in universal justice.




Vildemose Jaan: "rather than a belief in universal justice."

by Bavafa on

Isn't that the most popular way here by some of our friends on to criticize those of us who at times speak of injustice against Palestinians. Aren't they constantly told why do you care about misery of Palestinians, this is Iranandotcom.

Do we believe in universal justice only when it suites us?



Two Thumbs up... One big Kick in the a,,,

by Doctor mohandes on

Coming up.

Fair. That was a good analogy.

Let them think they have out-everythinged! the arab governments. whem you know what hits the fan and the people on top decide that  hey you know what? enough is enough, you had your chance to repent and cool the f...d own and you did not, They will start kicking butt like crazy. Then as they say in ballywood it is showtime baby.

Let them enjoy their imaginary feast and let them wallow in it and Justify it and support it will all kinds of Out-of-the-azz logic and reasoning,.

Khosh bashid.


Indeed many thumbs up for Hezbollah

by Fair on

As in BILAKH thumbs up.

the fact that this organization wields power does not change the reality of what it is - a stateless terrorist organization.  Nor the fact that its power and lifeline comes from another stateless terrorist organization - the islamic republic occupying Iran by force of torture, rape, imprisonment, murder, and censorship.


Anzalone’s comment is a non sequitur

by Examiner on

I doubt if Hezbollah’s positions toward the Green Movement and/or the Jasmine Revolution – termed here, “double standard” - could have had any consequential impact on either one.

I would like to read from Juan Cole an informed comment about the recent events in Lebanon itself, in which Hezbollah had a pivotal role.

Thanks for the link.

No Fear

Two thumbs up for Hezbollah

by No Fear on

The western and arab government support for Hariri government was not enough to prevent its collapse by Hezbollah.

Hezbollah has out-played and out-maneuvered the combined efforts of Saudi Arabia, israel and united state in Lebanon.

Iran should continue its support of Hezbollah and increase military aid to them directly. Lebanon needs advanced radar and warning systems which must be integrated in our defensive systems.


Who gives a wet

by Cost-of-Progress on

fart about this state-less terrorist entity?

Hezbollah is alive because the Islamist regime in iran has a direct life line to it.

As for double standards, of course they have it. Why would they support an uprising in Iran which will eliminate their miserable existence?





Hezbollah a stateless fascist terrorist organization

by Fair on

it has shown it in the past, and it shows it today very clearly.  Same goes for its supporters who shamelessly and unsuccessfully try to justify the torture, rape, imprisonment, murder, and suffocation of masses of Iranian youth.  Thank you Vildemose for pointing this latest episode of their hypocrisy.


what universal justice

by mahmoudg on

did the cult so called Islam, bring it to Iran?  How does it expect to bring to other states?  Religious ideology as "a savior" is dead, has been for at least 500 years.