'The Shah,' by Abbas Milani: biography review
sfgate.com / Susanne Pari
10-Jan-2011 (one comment)

Nearly every chapter in "The Shah," Abbas Milani's skillful biography of Iran's last king, begins with a phrase from Shakespeare's "King Richard II," about a tragic figure who believes he is ordained by God to lead his people. He likens himself to the sun and to the lion, is usually festooned in finery and jewels, and is surrounded by sycophants rather than sages. Not an evil king but an insecure one - weak, indecisive and out of touch. Ultimately, by dint of his hubris, he is overthrown and dies

recommended by Darius Kadivar



tired of this opportunist !!

by Shemirani on

Deep inside he hates everything about monarchy and kings but he keep doing business with this topic !! ajab dokooni baz karde

Bere rajebeh Staline ya El che ya khomeyni Ketab benevisse bebinim ki mikhare !!!!!

ketabhaye Houshang Nahavandi kheli ba arzesh tar hastand !